Do not Mix Fresh Milk with Food / Drink It !! Danger !!

There are some common foods we eat, but without we realize it is harmful to our bodies. Here are some of foods / drinks that should not be mixed


1. Orange and Milk
protein in the milk if it meets with tartaric acid contained in citrus, will harden, thus will affect the absorption and digestibility of the milk, at the same time are also not suitable to consume other types of fruits are acidic.


2. Juice and Milk
Protein in milk 80% is protein curd is thick (casein), when the acidic nature of the milk below 4.6 pH, a large number of protein curd is thick will be attached together, settles, it is difficult to absorb and assimilate, the department might lead to digestive problems or will result in a waste of water, which is why in milk should not be mixed juices and beverages that are acidic.


3. Milk and Sugar
Milk contains leucine (an amino acid), when in a state of heat is introduced into the sugar will react fructosyl leucine (fluktosa radicals) that are toxic, can damage the body. Fresh milk in the boiling conditions do not mix sugar, wait a bit cool new sugar enter.


4. Milk and Chocolate
Milk contains a lot of protein and calcium, but chocolate contains oxalic acid, if the two are combined together, will be calcium which is non-soluble, greatly affect the absorption of calcium, will give rise to symptoms of dry hair, waste of water, slow growth and symptoms another.



5. Milk and Drugs
Some people like to take medication with milk, white water is replaced with milk, but milk clearly can affect the body in absorbing the drug. Because milk is easy to coat the surface of the drug by forming a membrane, then it will make the elements contained in milk such as calcium, magnesium and other elements arising chemical reaction with the drug, into matter that can not dissolve in water, thus affecting the ability of waste power and absorption of the drug. Therefore, before and after taking the drug one hour should not drink milk. The most fatal is the class of drugs antacids, because it can cause alkalosis. Alkalosis is a condition in which body fluids exceeds the limit.


6. Milk and Tea
Tea consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, but it is not applicable if the tea mixed with milk. Why does it happen?
Results of the study explained that the tea can improve the blood flow and the ability of the arteries to relaxation, but then the researchers from Charite Hospital, University of Berlin said that milk can inhibit the protective effect of which is owned by the tea in inhibiting the occurrence of heart disease. Researchers told Reuters (one foreign news sites), that if you want to take advantage of the tea drink for heart health, you should not add milk in the drink.

The researchers say that the protein casein found in milk decrease the number of components contained in tea are catechins, which have the ability to fight heart disease.

The researchers are very confident in the findings, which also have been reported in the European Heart Journal, described how a country like England which has a habit of mixing tea with milk did not show the drop in the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Black tea is a very meaningful increase blood flow when compared to other liquids. But when mixed with milk, then the effect will be lost. The trial was also carried out on mice. When rats were given black tea, the sodium oxide production will increase thereby increasing the dilation of blood vessels. But by giving milk, then the effect will be hampered.


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