Unani And Ayurvedic Medication

India is known for its Ayurvedic medication, because people in India believe more on home-made ingredient while ailment rather than medical prescription. Thats why; not even in past days but in present also, people trust more on Unani and ayurvedic treatment because there is no harmful effect on body and health as well. Not only for ailment period but for skin care as well, Ayurveda and unani treatment are playing vital role and people adapting it more.

Hamdard products are well known healthcare products which provide positive energy in the body and people have strong belief on the Hamdard products. These natural products are instinctive with the sole purpose of providing consumers the natural yet prevailing alternatives to mass produced, synthetic chemical cosmetics and skin ailment. Hamdard products are known for its best quality products which include Sharbat rooh afza, cinkara, roghan badam shirin, pachnol and lots more. Hamdard products deals in healthcare, body care, Haircare and skincare products.

Cinkara is a non-alcoholic herbal tonic which increase immunity power in body and provide energy to fight with weakness. Cinkara tonic helps in re-establishing lost energy and provide liveliness in the life. Cinkara is a full of energizing vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. Cinkara helps in increasing appetite and recovers weakness and condition of exhaustion and convalescence. Cinkara is available in the form of tablets and liquid syrup as well. Cinkara is available at any chemist shop and provide great energy approximately after two weeks.

Sharbat rooh afza is a special kind of drink, which provides fantastic feeling in summers. It is a drink which made-up of Khurfa Seeds, Kasni, Munaqqa, Nilofar, Gaozaba, Rose and Keora, orange, pineapple, carrot and watermelon and many more ingredients in it. Sharbat rooh afza is an energilizer drink which offer coolest and relaxing feeling in hot, summer days. Sharbat rooh afza is available easily at any chemist or general store. Sharbat rooh afza has domination in the market; there is no competitor behind this beverage. There are numerous innovations through which Sharbat rooh afza can be served and offer as a mock-tail. By using lemon, soda, ice-cream and cherries, anyone can get new taste of this drink and feel chill in summer days.

Benefit of Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Tea

Organic India cultivates its own Tulsi and other herbs through extensive organic farming. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have their own unique processing methods and advance dehydration technologies that ensures maximum retention of potency and nutritional values of the herbs.

Tulsi is known as the holy basil and is considered to be the Queen of herbs due to its varied medicinal properties and benefits to human health. The health benefits of Tulsi are extensive. The names -Tulsi’ means the incomparable one in Sanskrit. It is believe to promote longevity and a powerful adaptogen. Tulsi and Ashwagandha contain certain phytochemicals (plant minerals) which have free radical scavenging activities. Mutlethi also known as sweet licorice is a diuretic, expectorant and a laxative. It is ideal for soothing colds, coughs, anorexia etc.

Tea is chemically very complex with many different ingredients such as catechins, polyphenols, flavanoids and amino acids. All are found to have positive effects on neurotransmitters in the brain. In fact black tea is proven show positive effect on stress hormone levels in the body. Organic India’s product range includes green tea with different ingredients like Tulsi, Mulethi, Jasmine etc., to enhance the medicinal properties of green tea as per the ancient recipes of Ayurveda.

Organic India’s green teas are excellent in promoting good health, preventing illness and calming the mind due to the natural ingredients with high medicinal values. Green tea is recommended by nutritionist and doctors alike due to their high antioxidant properties, low calories and immunity boosters and adaptogens or stress relieving properties.

Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Tea is stress relieving, soothing and relaxing, it is a powerful adaptogen, a great mood up lifter, abundant in antioxidants; caffeine and gluten free with zero calories.

Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Tea is a daily drink which has negligible calories, medicinal benefits of the wonder herb – Tulsi and antioxidant properties of Mulethi.

Extraordinary Benefits Of Eating Raw vegetables

Many opinions that are the pros and cons regarding the consumption of fresh raw vegetables does make people a dilemma for eating vegetables, but in fact the majority of people prefer the consumption of vegetables in the mature form, be it processed in mature form or sauteed.

In some types of fresh vegetables if cooked first could even eliminate the benefits of the content contained on these vegetables. In the vegetable there are some facts you should know when you consume fresh vegetables, or more precisely about the benefits of fresh raw vegetables.

On this occasion we will discuss some of the articles about the tremendous benefits of eating raw vegetables. In order for the discussion not too long just you see some details below. May be useful. The following four remarkable benefits of eating raw vegetables.

1. Keeping the body to stay fit

Do you ever feel that prolonged fatigue and headache unwarranted? Raw vegetables is one appropriate solution for overcoming both of these issues, but it also can make the body become fit again.

2. Clean your body

Consuming raw vegetables can help the erosion of toxins lodged in the body, it is a tremendous benefit for you. So you should be able to take advantage of the vegetables for the health of the body.

3. Digestive getting better

Raw vegetables are known to expedite the digestive system, digestion is hindered can be helped by eating raw vegetables. The digestive system can be returned to normal when familiarize intake of raw vegetables.

4. Increased immunity

If your body resistance is strong, you could certainly fight infectious diseases with better immune system, to support the productivity you in activities you can try to consume these raw vegetables.

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