Enjoy a drink of this autumn

Indian summer – the most beautiful part of the year. Its not so warm like in summer but still not so cold like in winter. Nature is colored by many colours, from yellow over red to dark brown. Its the end of all holidays, time of fallen leaves, last vacancies, tears for short holiday romances but thats not a reason to forget all our summer experience. How can you remind all that memories, when you are sitting on the garden and looking at gold autumm nature? What about mix a delicious cocktail? Do you know which drink is considered to be the most popular drink of this autumm?

Maybe you will be suprised, but that drink came from Russia. Its name is Cocktail Hot R de Ruinar! If you are tired of all tastes of Mojitos and other classical cocktails, Hot R de Ruinar is that right choice for you! You can taste it in its homeland, in Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka in Moscow. If you had no money or time for travelling and stay in Moscow hotel, just improvise and make it yourself!

It will be great suprise for all your visiters, friends or relations on your garden barbecue party. Hot R de Ruinar is a drink for every opportunities. Main part of the recipie is R DE RUINART BRUT Champagne and a cup of Irish Coffe. Then you need just spices, honey, limit juice, some kind of berries and caramel. Mix it together and in the end decorate spoon with pieces of caramel and berries. Then just enjoy sweet taste with drop of alcohol. This cocktail is recommented by the Chef Sommelier Vadim Surov from Moscow. – Its like a wild flower in the middle of jungle, amazing mix of great tastes,- he said.

The Longest Drink In Town Milkshake Cups Undoubtedly Makes The Wackiest Suprise This Spring

If you’re like me, you’ll remember masses of hot summer days, slurping on a creamy milkshake from the corner dairy. Chances are, that the cup that you were holding was one of those much-loved Longest Drink in Town milkshake cups.

I discovered yesterday, that there are now reusable Longest Drink in Town milskshake cups available! Maybe I’ve been hiding beneath a rock, without knowing this but I was rather worked up about this find. Created from durable plastic, they’re sure to last you the longest time. They look precisely like the disposable version, all the way down to the last detail and you can also use those milkshake lids on this version too.

And if you can’t get too much of The Longest Drink in Town, you can get tshirts, milkshake cups, tea towels, magnets, badges and even kids ‘ expansion charts from Toggle’s Longest Drink In Town website, all decorated with The Longest Drink In the city insignia.

But back to the milkshake cups, they are sold in packs of 4 in a tetra-pak style carton, so you and three pals can have milkshake drinking races. Being plastic, they are easy to clean and you may even mix your milkshakes with a stick blender in the cup itself – that suggests less washing up!

These make ideal presents, so if you haven’t done your Xmas shopping yet… Remember to include a packet of straws with the present and maybe the fortunate receiver will get the hint and you a milkshake.

The folks at The Longest Drink in Town are sharing their favorite drink with us. It’s good for parties and is yummy.

The Longest Drink in Town’s berry smoothie


Six enormous fresh strawberries 0.5 cup of your favourite yoghurt half cup of vanilla or strawberry ice cream [*FR1] cup of milk Directions

one. Blend strawberries and milk first until well mixed two. Add ice cream and yoghurt and mix for just a bit so smoothie remains thick

Note : This recipe half-fills the Longest Drink cup ( it has a whopping 700ml capacity ), so dbl the recipe if you want that big milkshake experience.

You can purchase your Longest Drink In Town milkshake cups at Toggle.

Erectile dysfunction in Diabetes – An Ayurvedic view

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for his sexual needs or the needs of his partner. Erectile dysfunction is sometimes called as “impotence”.

The term “erectile dysfunction” can mean the inability to achieve erection, an inconsistent ability to do so, or the ability to achieve only brief erections.

Men with diabetes usually face erectile dysfunction. About 75% of diabetic men suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence. The erectile dysfunction develops earlier in diabetic men than non diabetic men.

Erection requires a sequence of events. Erectile dysfunction can occur when any of the events is disturbed. Nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column, around the penis and response in muscles, fibrous tissues, veins and arteries in and around the corpora cavernosa constitute this sequence of events. Injury to any of these parts which are part of this sequence (nerves, arteries, smooth muscles, fibrous tissue) can cause ED.

In ayurveda physiology of erection and ejaculation is described as follows

Vrishunow basthimedram cha naabhyuuru vankshnow gudam| Apaanasthaanamantrasthaha shukra mootra shakrunti cha||

The “apaanavayu” one of the five types of vayu is located in the testicles, urinary bladder, phallus, umbilicus, thighs, groin, anus and colon. Its functions are ejaculation of semen, voiding of urine and stools”.

Shushruta explains the process of erection and ejaculation as ” When a man has desire (iccha) to have sex, his response to touch increases ( Vayu located in skin causes flow of signals from skin to brain, thus causing sensation of touch. Generally Vata controls the flow of signals in nervous system.). This causes arousal or “harsha” . Arousal or Harsha intensifies actions of vayu and at this moment highly active vayu liberates the ” teja “or heat of pitta. Thus tejas and vayu increase body temperature , heart beat and blood flow causing erection. ”

Diabetes damages blood vessels and nerves (neuropathy) throughout body. When blood vessels and nerves which control erection, are damaged, they do not communicate properly and the blood flow to penis tissue is impaired. This causes erectile dysfunction.

According to ayurvedic text “ashtanga sangraha”, diabetes is caused due to vitiation of vata. pitta, kapha and rakta (blood). Vitiated doshas affect almost all tissues of body in diabetes. According to ayurveda the process of erection occurs due to involvement of vata, pitta and rakta . The process of erection will be normal when vata, pitta and rakta are in normal and balanced condition.Vitiated vata fails to cause normal flow of signals and arousal does not occur. Vitiated pitta and rakta fail to complete the process of blood flow to penis.

Simple remedies to avoid erectile dysfunction in diabetes:

Mix a pinch of turmeric with juice of embelica officinalis (Amla) and consume this in early morning.

Drink triphala concoction daily in early morning.

Juices of neem, guduchi (giloya) and Embelica officinalis prove beneficial if consumed in early morning.

Obese patients have to exercise regularly and aim at reducing weight.

Practice yoga and meditation regularly to keep stress level low.

Food Warming Tray

Party is a great pleasant occasion for every one young, old, children and different types of food is the royalty of the parties so mostly what we saw that food becomes cool in such occasions and we do not enjoy enough the taste of food so for keeping the warm food we must have to use food warming tray. Because its the time when a party organizer is much busy in look after each and everything so sometimes it becomes difficult for him or her to manage everything perfectly, so now a days there are number of food warming tray that keeps the food warm for a long time. Food warming tray is used to warm any kind of food such as sandwiches, pasta, French fries, vegetable rice, potatoes, and etc.

3 important things to look for when you buy a food warming tray
There are number of different food warming trays with so many options. Theres something that appeals to almost everyone, but some of those food warming tray are not of good quality. The most important 3 things to look when you buy a food warming tray are as follows: Size, corded or cordless, and brand. These are the important things that must be considered while purchasing a food warming tray.

How does a food warming tray work?
There are number of types of food warming tray, lets talk about the working of one. Such as one type of warming tray is a rectangular-shaped aluminum pan of a large size. Aluminum pan is made up of heavy duty aluminum foil and it is filled with the small amount of water. Two smaller size pans for food fit inside the large rectangular-shaped aluminum pan. The pan is placed upon a wire rack that holds its approximately 4 inches in the air. At the bottom of the wire rack, a small alcohol gel candle is lit, which heat the water and keeps the tray warm for approximately 6 hours.

Types of food warming tray

Four Groups of People Should Drink Less Soybean Milk

Soybean milk is a kind of nutritious drink, which has a lot of benefits on human body. However, it is not suitable for every one. There are some groups of people who should not drink too much soybean milk. Otherwise, it may bring serious consequences on their body.

Firstly, the patients who suffer from gout Gout is disease that is caused by the disorder of purine metabolism, while soybean is rich in purine, which is a kind of hydrophilic material. As a result, after the soybean is made into soybean milk, the content of purine will be significantly increased. Therefore, the patients who suffer from gout should drink less soybean milk. However, this does not mean that they have to totally keep away from soybean milk. It only means that they should strictly control the amount of soybean milk that they drink. What’s more, in order to prevent and treat gout, it is also very important to control the intake of the oil and fatty foods such as meat and fish.

Secondly, people whose gastrointestinal function is relatively poor Traditional Chinese medical science believes that, soybean milk is cold in nature, so people who suffer from indigestion, belch gas and stomach problems should not drink too much soybean milk. In addition, under the action of the enzyme, soybean milk will produce a lot of gas, so people who suffer from abdominal distension and diarrhea should not drink soybean milk. What’s more, those acute gastritis and chronic gastritis patients are advised not to eat soybean products, so as not to stimulate the excessive secretion of gastric acid, which may aggravate the condition of the disease or cause flatulence.

Thirdly, patients who are at the recovery period after the surgery or illness After the surgery or illness, the resistant ability of the patients’ body is generally very weak, and their gastrointestinal function is relatively very poor, so they should not drink the cold-natured soybean milk during the recovery period. Otherwise, it may easily lead to nausea, diarrhea and other serious symptoms. Experts point out that, during the recovery period, the patients had better drink yogurt, which can promote digestion, and protect the function of the stomach and intestines.

Fourthly, the patients with kidney stones The oxalic acid contained in soybean milk will combine with the calcium in the kidney, which not only will easily form into stones, but also may aggravate the symptoms of kidney stones. As a result, the patients with kidney stones should not drink soybean milk.

The Cute Gift Of Food Erasers

The Cute food Erasers

Japanese food erasers are tiny, ultra cute erasers. I would not even think of using these to actually erase anything because they look so great. These erasers are usually pretty small–no larger than a marble usually. You can find them in sets most of the time. They are also sold individually if you’re trying to find specific food items to add to your collection.

So instead of buying just a food item, you’ll get a full meal! The color and detail on these erasers are incredible. They are brightly, fully colored and have very good detail. There are styles that are made more cute and cartoony, but some are also pretty realistic. School kids and even older adults love these.

There are many manufacturers of these lovely little food erasers so you have a very large selection to choose from. Some big brand names that make these are Hapa Culture, Iwako, Itasho and more.

So many different styles of erasers are available! You can find many styles such as:

-fast food -sushi -bento boxes -tea -baked goods -dim sum -Mexican food -Italian food

If you’ve eaten it, there’s probably a miniature eraser made for it too. There are so many varieties available it is mind spinning! You could collect these forever.

These erasers make great gifts since they are so cute! They are pretty rare depending on where you are so they are special when the recipient gets them. You will likely be able to find a food eraser for their favorite food too.

The ones I have seen are non-toxic so you can give them to children too given they are not too young to swallow it.

I have not seen any other companies make these food erasers other than Japanese ones. You can be sure there are common Japanese erasers such as sushi, cakes, tea, and noodles. But they know everyone would love these so a ton of other foods are available.

It doesn’t matter what kind of food erasers they are, I would like it for my collection! My favorite erasers come with an assortment of sushi on a wooden block (made from eraser of course). It includes squid, egg omelette, salmon roe, sea urchin, and ebi shrimp. They look so real, and tasty even! Find your favorites and begin your food eraser collection today.

Complement The Flavor Of A Cigar

A favorite combination loved by many is a good soda pop and a cigar. Soda goes well with anything, but it goes especially well with a fine cigar. There’s just something about the carbonation and syrupy flavor that makes the cigar taste better. The best way to match up a soda with a cigar is to go by color. If your cigar is fairly dark, go for a more syrupy beverage, like a coke or pepsi. If your cigar is lighter, go for something less syrupy, like a lemon, lime, or orange soda.

If you enjoy pipe tobacco cigars, you will want to complement the sweet taste and nice aromas with a sweet drink. Preferably something non-carbonated. A lemonade or type of juice will suffice. A non carbonated sugary beverage will complement a pipe tobacco cigar much better than something carbonated, because the carbonation in a drink makes things seem more spicy. You don’t want your sweet smelling and tasting cigar to be spicy.

If you really want to bring out some flavor, complement your cigars with a drink that tastes a little bit different. Do you enjoy smoking leathery, spicy cigars that have a hint of earthiness? Try drinking a port. The sweetness of the port mixed with the bold tastes of the cigar will bring out flavors in both the drink and the smoke.

Some people also enjoy having a fine whiskey. A smokey tasting whiskey will pair nicely with almost any cigar. The hints of woodiness from the whiskey mixed with a nutty or earthy cigar can make for an excellent combination. Try having a whiskey with both dark and light cigars, to find which you like the most. You will find that whiskey goes good with almost every cigar out there.

Coffee is another favorite drink of cigar smokers. The taste of coffee pairs very nicely with a fine cigar. The flavors of the cigar and the undertones of the coffee are similar. Just like with any other drink, you should try different coffees with different cigars. Since every cigar and every type of coffee is different, there’s only one way to find out which combinations are good, and which combinations bad.

It’s important to try and pick a drink that won’t be overpowered by the taste of the cigar. The drink should complement the flavor, not ruin it. You’ll have to try different combinations to find what you like, but the suggestions above are a great place to start.

Once you’ve found a drink that you enjoy, don’t stop mixing and matching! There are thousands of combinations out there that involve different drinks and different cigars. Don’t stop until you’ve tried them all. Or at least tried a few.

Herbal Store offers a vast range of herbal products for you to choose from

You no longer have to shy away from purchasing herbal health care products. Most of us don’t want to spell out the name of the products that are used to treat various health problems like, constipation, skin related problems, obesity, or some other issues that can be classed as a gross. With the advancement in technology you don’t have to face people and make your purchases. Internet has made it possible for you to purchase all these products from a reliable outlet at reasonable price, and all this can be done sitting in the comforts of your home.

If you are obese or overweight and if you haven’t yet found a nice solution to this problem; then you can opt for the herbal weight loss products available online, via a reliable online herbal store. There are a vast range of products available, that helps in curing ailments and that helps in replenishing the organs and the immune system of your body; thus helping you lead a healthy life. If you are looking for a reliable company that offers herbal products online then all you have to do is run a search using a good search engine (it depends on your preference). You will come across a list of companies that offers products online via their ecommerce websites. However, if you are still confused and are unable to find the best among the rest, then go ahead and read some reviews. This way you will for sure come across a reliable online herbal store.

If by any chance you are too tired or simply lazy to go through it all, then here is a suggestion. Visit the Herbalife online store; it has a huge assortment of products for all your needs. The products available here are superior in quality, reliable and free of any side-effects. After all, the products available here are 100% natural. This company helps you buy herbal supplements online, sitting in the comforts of your home.

You can find a huge list of weight loss products, health supplements, and other products that helps your immune system, digestion and liver. Some of the products available here are listed below –

Concord Sunchih Premium GPSP 3 in 1 Therapeutic Immune Activator
Concord Bio-PSP Liver Detox Enhancer
Concord Sunchih Bee Dietary Supplement
Concord Vita-Cordy Vitality Enhancer
Concord Sunchih Ganoderma Spore Oil
Concord Sunchih GPSP 2 in 1 Immune Booster
Wealthy Health Maxi CoQ10
Concord Reishi Detox Green Tea
Mikei Red Reishi Essence
Concord Reishi Detox Green Tea
Herbal Tea Slimmed Waist Tea
De-Tox Guava Tea
Natural Leaf Herbal Dietary Drink
Sunchih Honey Tea
Concord Slim Detox Green Tea
3 Ballerina Tea Herbal Drink Extra Strength
Dieters Nutri-Slim Tea Regular Strength
3 Ballerina Tea Herbal Drink Regular Strength and more

So, with this huge variety available here, you can buy Herbalife Weight Loss Products of your choice until you find the product works best for your body.

On the Question Can Dogs Drink Coffee

Your dogs might be eyeing on anything that you eat or drink. But that does not always mean they should have any of it as there are some foods that may be suitable for human consumption but are definitely a no-no to animals. Coffee is one of them. So if you want to know, can dogs drink coffee, sorry but no.Most of us kick our day off with a cup of coffee and while it helps you get started, that is not the case for dogs.

Coffee is not just the most dangerous foods to give your dog. There is a long list of them. Coffee, just like chocolates contain methylxanthines that are derived from cacao seeds and are the main component in making coffee. These compounds are not just hazardous for dogs but even for cats and other pets.

Coffee, especially in big amounts is toxic to dogs though it is not safe for your pet to consume even the smallest taste of it. As a matter of fact, coffee consumption can prompt an array of serious consequences in dogs. The most common symptoms to watch for include burst of energy, antsy behavior, trembling, increased body temperature, diarrhea, throwing up, seizures, immoderate thirst, frequent urination and fast heart rate. These signs normally show up soon after coffee consumption.

If you are suspecting that your dog might have had coffee or if you are starting to notice some of these symptoms, you should immediately get emergency veterinary help before things could go worse. Aside from the wide range of complications coffee consumption can cause your dogs, it can also sometimes lead to fatal consequences most especially in smaller breeds. Coffee and the compounds it has can affect the heart rate of your poor pet, speeding it up and causing cardiotoxicity. In some cases, it will result to death. In addition, coffee can also affect the central nervous systems and gastrointestinal tracts of your dog. Due to these serious possibilities, it is important to get as fast veterinary assistance as you can for your pooch.

There are a lot of other things that dog owner needs to know about the dangers of coffee when consumed by dogs. Drinking it straight out of the mug is actually not just the only threat to dogs. As a matter of fact, the grounds and beans are problematic also for them. Espresso beans dipped in chocolate drinks are not for them as chocolate and coffee can be very risky to dogs. Chocolates that are deeper in color are more harmful to dogs. Remember that chocolate is not safe for dogs whether it is dark or milk chocolate.

Can dogs drink coffee? No they can’t. You might then want to take a few steps from them when having your morning coffee to prevent any chances of them having a taste of it without you knowing. Visit Petfoodia now for more info.

How to to Cook Biskuti Ya Nazi Recipe

Those who love dessert recipes will agree with me that Biskuti ya Nazi is one the best dessert recipes in Kenya. I have tasted and enjoyed it and I wish to teach you how to make it.

Some of our African recipes are less known by the outside word and for that matter we see it as our responsibility to show the world how to make these Africa recipes.

In a place like Mombasa and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania Biskuti ya nazi is highy regarded as the best food to serve your guest and on this page we will give you the engredients and methods to make it.


Three egg whites

One cup granulated sugar

Two and a half cups desiccated coconut

One cup macadamia nuts or cashew nuts, finely chopped


1. Preheat the oven to 350F.

2. Lightly grease two baking sheets.

3. In a medium bowl, with an electric mixer on high, beat egg whites into soft peaks.

4. Gradually add the Sugar, beating after each addition until peaks are glossy.

5. Fold in the coconut and nuts.

6. With wet hands, roll tablespoonfuls of the mixture into rounds and set on baking sheets.

7. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until lightly golden.

8. Cool on racks and store in an airtight container.

Though it may sound strange to you if you are not from East Africa, Biskuti ya Nazi recipe is one of the food recipes you should learn to make for your family.

Who said that you dont how to cook? Having been born from a family of many girls, I was not supposed to cook when all my sisters are present but when I joined work and start to live on my own, thats when cooking lessons became a reality.

Of course not every person like cooking but for those who enjoy to explore new foods and have the taste for delicious yummy yummy, this recipe in a must not miss.