Garden Of Life Raw Meal Plan For A Quick And Balanced Diet

With a society such as ours, where we seem to be on the go from one place to another, it can be hard to find a quick fulfilling meal. Many people often run to fast food places of business to satisfy their appetite. Fast food does not offer the essential nutrients we need though. With Garden of Life Garden of Life RAW Meal plan, an individual can eat quickly without sacrificing nutrition.
Most people do not realize that quite a lot of the food available in our society is not only devoid of nutrients, but it is filled with toxins. This is why there is a movement of companies to go organic. While organic food is good, RAW food is even better. Organic will have a lot of the essential good stuff our bodies need, but RAW food possesses not only the goods, but also the cleaning agents like probiotics.
Everyone can benefit from the immense amount of nutritional support found in RAW Meal. Because of its nature, those on a vegetarian or vegan diet can partake in this healthy meal. In addition, those who are gluten, dairy, or lactose free can feel safe eating this product. It has none of the bad things found in most other foods like synthetic nutrients that do not really add any nutrients.
This nutrient rich meal will most likely even fill a stomach that others have described as bottomless. The myth of a bottomless stomach originates from unhealthy food that lacks nutrients. A person normally becomes hungry when his or her body is in need of nutrients to stay energized. Therefore, when we put food that lacks nutrients into our stomachs, we need a lot more food to feel full.
Often, with this nutrient lacking food, we do not feel energized, but actually very tired. This seems quite counterproductive. Our bodies need to eat food to be energized, but when we eat food without nutrients, we feel very tired. A protein supplement will help avoid this difficulty because the goods found in this kind of food acts as a solid source of energy.
It may seem strange that a meal replacement product would not only just hold the body over until a meal is able to be had, but that it often times offers more nutritional benefits than the meal will. With 26 superfoods, 33 grams of protein, and 14 grams of fiber, an individual cannot lose. These all work together to fill the body with a healthy energy.
A meal is often one of the things we, as individuals, look forward to during the day. It is a time to break, a time to fill our stomachs with good things that make us feel full and warm. However, sometimes the things our brains are looking forward to, our bodies are not looking forward to, like foods packed with unhealthy additives. We should let our bodies enjoy meals too, by giving our bodies the nutrients they need.

Reduce Risk Of Death From All Causes Drink Green Tea

A study from Japan raises green tea a powerful anti aging food to new and higher levels. Men and women in the study who drank 7 cups of green tea a day lowered their risk of heart disease by a whopping 75%. The study was done at the University of Japan by Etsuji Suzuki. Involved were 12,250 people and they were analyzed to estimate the various associations between green tea drinking and all cause mortality, cancer and heart disease.

This suggests that seven cups of green tea a day over time may massively reduce the risk of death from heart disease and colorectal cancer, compared to people who drank only one cup a day. This kind of disease reduction is truly amazing and the consequences could be massive. The study was followed up 5 years later and showed that the seven cup drinkers had a 55% lower risk of death by any cause making green tea a anti aging food.

The study also showed that people who drank the seven cups of green tea a day reduced their risk of colorectal cancer by 31%. This was compared to those that only drank three cups per day. Suzuki stated, “To our knowledge this is the first cohort study that shows an inverse association between green tea and colorectal cancer mortality.

The people used in this study were between the ages of 65 and 84. These results said the researchers “may be due to long term high consumption green tea”. Other research shows green tea to be a disease prevention tool in cure cancer diets.

The antioxidants in green tea are from the polyphenols and much research has shown that polyphenols will help prevent many major diseases. Green tea is extra ordinarily high in water extractable polyphenols. Black tea on the other hand has only 3% to 10%. The primary polyphenols for the scientific minded are epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin (EGC) epicatechin gallate (ECG) and epicatechin (EC). Research was published in Annals of Epidemiology 19(10):732-739, 2009

How to Prepare a Traditional Kava Drink

It’s known as ‘ava, awa, yaqona, sakau, or kava by the numerous south pacific drinkers of the drink produced from the root of what is scientifically referred to as piper methysticum, or intoxicating pepper. It is generally thought that kava use began in Vanuatu before spreading throughout Melanesia, Micronesia, and as far as Hawaii. These islanders commonly drank, and still drink, the murky kava liquid as an alternative to alcohol, as a remedy for various ailments, and during ceremonies. The relaxing impact of kava that enables the drinker to maintain mental clarity, lends itself well to settling disputes and discussing community issues.

In the often hectic western world, some people have recently realized that kava can provide a healthy alcohol replacement to wind down with. Kava is not chemically addictive and does not cause a hangover after use. The Following are instructions on how to make traditionally prepared kava at your home.

First, find a source to Buy Kava. There are numerous kava vendors out there. It is important to ensure that the kava you acquire was permitted to grow for a minimum of four years prior to being removed from the ground. It should also have been pulled no more than six months before it is sold.

Second, inside a bowl, combine the kava root with warm, not boiling water. Boiling water breaks down the active ingredients, called kavalactones. Water that is warm to the touch works well. Ratios should be in the amount of one part kava to two to four parts water. Less water will create a more powerful beverage. Although not required, adding a teaspoon of soy lecithin for every two cups of water will help emulsify the active ingredients. Let this mixture to soak for 30-60 minutes.

Next, blend the mixture for 30 seconds. This will help saturate the root and extract the kavalactones. Pour the mixture back into its bowl.

Next, inside a separate bowl, pour some of the mixture into a flexible, sturdy strainer bag or cheese cloth. The amount poured into the strainer should be no more than an amount that you can manually squeeze with strong pressure. Work the strainer containing the mixture inside the bowl for a couple of minutes prior to squeezing as much liquid out as you possibly can. Discard the dry pulp and repeat this process with the remaining kava mixture until all liquid has been separated from the root.

Finally, drink the kava. A normal kava serving is about eight ounces. Due to kava’s earthy and somewhat bitter flavor, most drinkers finish a serving in a single chug. A coconut cup is the traditional kava imbibing container, but any glass or cup will do.

Two or three servings of kava can loosen up muscles and ease the mind. It is best enjoyed on an empty stomach. With a good root and proper preparation, be prepared to find out why the natives of Oceania have such high respect for the sacred kava beverage.

Amalaki ZRII Nutritional Drink

Among all the different ingredients that make up the ZRII juice, the Amalaki extract has stood out as the most nutritional and effective. This juice is extracted from the Amalaki fruits which are common in Asia and have been used from time in memorial as natural medication for almost every ailment. People suffering from digestive problems have found refuge in the natural healing powers of the Amalaki which ensures proper digestion and assimilation of food into the blood system. The arthritic people have found a natural anti-oxidant which not only relieves pain but treats the inflammations effectively. The diabetic can also sing praises for this natural nutritional supplement as it acts as a natural regulator of glucose levels in the blood. People struggling with their weight have also found a close friend in Amalaki that helps burn excess cholesterol and accumulated body fats without any side effects. Simply put, Amalaki ZRII is the safest natural nutritional supplement that you cannot think twice about adding to your diet as part of your efforts towards a healthy lifestyle. This product has no preservatives as all its ingredients are a hundred percent natural. For skeptics who would write off the efforts made in coming up with the Amalaki ZRII as any other trendy healthy drink, it is worth pointing out that ZRII has been tested and comes from a top health and wellness company. In fact, there have also been claims of the entire product being a scam but it is necessary to clear the air that this nutritional juice is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). This is a legitimate player that has nothing to hide! ZRII not only operates in the United States but has gone international and has made great inroads in Mexico, Columbia, Israel and Puerto Rico among other states. Amalaki ZRII is the flagship product and its natural healing powers have propelled it into new heights as more and more consumers begin to realize the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle both for the present and the future. As more and more research continues to be done on improving this nutritional juice, it is highly worth trying it and getting all these benefits first hand instead of only reading them or hearing from friends.

Amalaki ZRII ZRII Products

The Health Benefits of the Tremella Fuciformis

When you hear the word “mushroom”, the most likely image that pops into your head is that small squishy thing with the stalk and round cap. Maybe you even imagine Toad, the character from the Super Mario games who’s shaped like a mushroom. What if you found out that the small squishy thing can be used to rejuvenate people? It might surprise you, but there is such a mushroom, and it’s called the tremella mushroom.

The tremella doesn’t have the stalk-and-cap appearance we associate with most mushrooms. It actually has a jelly-like appearance, so it’s classified among the “jelly fungi”. Of the 100 species of tremella mushrooms worldwide, two species are cultivated for food, namely the Tremella fuciformis and the Tremella aurantialba. The Tremella fuciformis is the one used for its medicinal properties.

The T. fuciformis can be identified by its white, jelly-like appearance. It can be found in tropical and subtropical areas growing on the dead or fallen branches of trees. The mushroom can be found in countries like Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and China. The T. fuciformis has been monikered “white jelly mushroom”, “snow fungus”, and even “silver ear fungus” by the Chinese.

The Chinese have cultivated the T. fuciformis since the 19th century. It is used in sweet dishes like luk mei, combined with dried longans, jujubes, and other ingredients. It is also mixed in drinks and can be used as ice cream. These uses can be attributed to the mushroom’s jelly-like nature.

You won’t find T. fuciformis sold as T. fuciformis; instead, it is sold under its genus name, Tremella. Tremella can rejuvenate skin by providing vitamin D that aids in skin cell metabolism. When skin metabolism increases, blood flow to the skin also increases, resulting in smoother skin. Tremella also has liver-protecting properties.

Like the maitake and shiitake mushrooms, Tremella can enhance the immune system. The mushroom has acidic polysaccharides that boost the strength of white blood cells that protect the body from bacteria, viruses, and the like. In two separate studies, Tremella ranked alongside the maitake mushroom in terms of effectiveness in immune system enhancement.

Tremella can also regulate cholesterol levels and fight tumors. Tumors need their own vessel systems to develop and spread. A blood chemical found in Tremella, called platelet-activating factor (PAF), lessens the ability of blood to clot, arresting the spread of tumors. For more information on the Tremella mushroom, read the articles on

Absolute Necessity order Food Delivery Online

If a person lives in a village, time seems to move slow as the life in villages is slow. However, if they are a city folk, they are crunched for time and have a busy schedule. After a nine hour job ever day, their job drains the life out of them. So how do they get food ready on the table on time? Their best option is order food delivery online.
Lets consider different possible scenarios will you have when you get home:-
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What do they do?
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Relish The Lavish Spread Of British Street Food At Uk

The melting pot of global cultures that is United Kingdom (UK) is apparent in the street food spread that one can find in this diverse country. A haven for food enthusiasts, the cities in UK celebrate this diversity with many street food markets that are held here periodically. To get a flavour of this enriching platter while visiting UK, avail the comfort of a car rental and hop along to satiate your hunger for some lip smacking cuisines from around the world.

London is not only famous for its museums and monuments, but also for some of the best of the street food in the entire UK. The Borough Market by the river Thames at Southwark along with local produce, serves up dishes like Middle Eastern Baklava, Mexican burritos, Gujarati dhoklas and British fish and chips among many other quick bites. The Whitecross Street Market is the oldest street food market of London and dishes out cuisines from Brazil, Turkey, Jamaica and India. The Kerb at the Kings Cross Street has a selection of carts and stalls that change daily, offering a variety to explore. Dig into the homemade doughnuts, breaded schnitzels, pizzas and pork dumplings. Broadway Market at Hackney and Portobello Road Market offers delights such as Spanish paellas, traditional English breakfast with baked beans, bacon and fried eggs, scotch eggs, custard tarts, pork pies and chorizo pies. Try out the best crepes of UK at Real Food Market with an assortment that includes coffee, maple syrup, vanilla, Nutella, buckwheat flour, bacon, the brie and even mushrooms. And of course, dont forget the Korean fusion food of kimchi and Spanish fusion of churros.

Other cities in the UK too thrive on street food of a large variety. Bristols St Nicholas Market is a hot spot for street food and local produce with over 50 stalls. Try out the spicy Indian lamb wraps and Pad Thai glass noodles with fragrant Thai green curry. At Manchester, dig your teeth into the sumptuous hot dogs, burritos, paellas, chorizos and Creole fusion food from Seychelles which includes chicken coconut curry and spicy Creole pork. While at Manchester, visit the Piccadilly Gardens which hosts some of the most sought after street food stalls. Look out for some homemade rump steak burgers served in brioche bun. For people with sweet tooth, try out the ice cream flavours such as the award winning Chorlton Crack a blend of salted caramel and peanut butter Honey and Rose, Yummy Honey, Spiced Apple Crumble and Whisky Marmalade/Quince. After a day of indulging in so many flavours of UK, take a cosy ride back to your hotel with the ease of car rental services.

Very Best Dog Food Brands

Many pet owners are looking for the best dog food brands, because of the tie between food and health.The simple answer is to find the best dog food brands you just need to look at the ingredients listed on the labels.

It would be great if that was the case, but with the encrypted code being used by the pet food companies, it is not that easy.

There are many people telling us healthy food to eat, but its a lot more difficult to find good information on a healthy diet for our pets.

The trouble here is that pet food producers are allowed to incorporate ingredients that are not for human consumption in their foods. It is sad that in today’s world those who manufacture dog food can use low quality by product ingredients and due to government regulations give the brand high quality healthy sounding names.

One would assume that finding dried egg product as a listed ingredient in dog food would make it healthier. I reality it can include undeveloped eggs, shells and other tissues deemed unfit for human use.

While doing my research to find the best dog food brands, I ran across a list of 68 ingredients that are used by some of the best brands, that should give you cause to stop feeding these brand to your dog. 41% of these ingredients can actually be fatal, maybe not right away but they will shorten your pets life.

I also found a free confidential dog food report written by a guy that has hired a testing firm to find the best dog food brands in North America. The report is copyright protected, so I cant re-print it in this article.

After analyzing most know commercially made dog food in North America they only found nine that were healthy enough to make the list.

The report also lists 27 well know brands that didnt make the cut, and give reasons why not. Some brands that aren’t good enough to make the list are Iams, Science Diet, and Eukanuba.

The report continues to be updated, and in this 2nd addition there are six brands that have been removed due to reasons listed in the report.
Every brand in the report has a reason why it is healthy or not.

From what I learnt about commercial dog food during my research, I now feed both our dogs a homemade diet, but there are times you just need to be able to pour some food out of a bag I personally wont risk the health of my best friends, because Im to lazy to either cook them food, or at the very least buy them one of the healthiest, best dog food brands I can find.

GolferAID An All-Natural Golf Drink that Delivers Great Results

Although golf is a relatively low intensity game, a golfer still needs to maintain his or her stamina for 5 to 6 hours and sometimes even for an entire day of play. To replenish the vital fluids and nutrients that are lost during a strenuous game of golf, water isnt always sufficient. Thats why a popular nutritional golf aid comes in the form of a golf drink.

A properly formulated golf drink is a blend of water, carbohydrates, and supplements. This formula provides golfers with an adequate supply of carbohydrates to fuel their working muscles. A golf aid drink can also improve absorption of fluids, replenish nutrients, and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. There are many golf drinks from which to choose. The vital question is, which one of the many can truly help you maintain top golf performance at all times. Lets take a closer look at four factors golfers need to consider when choosing a favored golf drink.

1.Sugars: Not all sugars are created equal. Studies show that glucose and sucrose provide good body fuel, while fructose has been found to commonly cause bloating and stomachache.

2.Calorie content: In the same manner, look at the amount of carbohydrates or calories included in the drink. A small amount of carbohydrates, about 5% -to 8%, is all your muscles need to function properly. A golf aid with higher carbohydrate content can actually cause your body to become sluggish.

3.Sodium: Sodium helps metabolize carbohydrates and helps with rapid rehydration. Since golfers dont typically sweat as much as basketball or football players, they require lower levels of sodium than what is generally found in non-golf specific sports drinks.

4.Nutritional content: Some golf drinks contain vitamins and minerals aimed at increasing stamina and strength only. If you are looking for a sports drink that also improves your visual and mental acuity, balance, and flexibility, you may want to try GolferAID. Unlike other golf drinks on the market, this one is made from all natural ingredients and supplements like bilberry, gotu kola, turmeric, and Siberian ginseng. It contains, in total, 35 supplements that support and enhance total mind and body function for superior golf performance.

GolferAID is fast becoming the favorite beverage of choice of top golfers in the world. Visit to learn more about this all natural drink supplement.

Organic Options For Orchid Food

There are several advantages to creating your own orchid food. For one, it will be cheaper. It would also be more environmentally friendly and by combining the different elements yourself, you will be able to factor in the varying needs of your orchids during different parts of their growth cycle.

Various household items that can be incorporated to the benefit of your orchids. Eggshells, for example, provide a great source for calcium. Break them up into tiny pieces or better yet, crush them into powder using a mortar and pestle. They can then be sprinkled over the bark or moss of your orchids.

Banana peels, potato peels and molasses are all great potential sources of potassium, a necessary nutrient that promotes flowering in your orchids. Since the rotting banana peels may smell strongly, you could alternatively boil some potato peels with banana pieces. Just a spoonful of molasses diluted in water and added to the bark base of your orchid pot could also achieve great results. Agar, a product derived from red algae can cause the other ingredients of the mix to bind more efficiently and render the nutrients more accessible to the roots of your orchid plant.

Another organic recipe for fertilizer combines diluted coffee made from coffee grounds, crushed eggshells and a teaspoon of molasses with several gallons of water for a nutritious mixture you can add to your orchids once a month instead of water. The coffee grounds contain potassium and phosphorus as well as minute traces of magnesium and copper, but you will need to filter it out of the mix before use.

Another source of magnesium is Epsom salt. Magnesium benefits general growth in orchids and since it strengthens the roots as well, it increases the absorption of other nutrients. The flowers will bloom in brighter colors. You should dilute one teaspoon in water.

Fish emulsion is also recommended for orchids. If you own fish or know someone who does, you could use the waste water usually discarded after a fish tank is cleaned, as it is another great source of nitrogen. It will need to be diluted, though.

Salt build-up may indicate that your orchid has had too much of a good thing, but roots that die and turn brown are one of the surest signs. If that happens, remove your orchid from its pot and thoroughly rinse its roots. With some orchids the leaves may turn yellow or droop, while others may grow brown at the tips.

Remember to give your orchid a thorough watering before adding fertilizer. Dilute the mixture as directed for orchids. Bear in mind that orchid food cannot cure an already sick plant, but it can maintain and boost the performance of a healthy one.